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Fairy-Tale-Land – German Center for Fairy Tale Culture

In 2004 Silke Fischer and Monika Panse founded MÄRCHENLAND – Deutsches Zentrum für Märchenkultur (Fairy-Tale-Land – German Centre For Fairy tale Culture). The institution makes the society aware of the almost lost cultural treasure of fairy tales. MÄRCHENLAND is the only centre of its kind in Germany – a competent partner all around the topic of fairy tale culture. It is an institution for the tradition and literary genre of fairy tales, legends and stories.

MÄRCHENLAND organizes more than 1.500 events a year – in Berlin, Germany and throughout the world, for children and adults.

MÄRCHENLAND was founded to preserve fairy tales as part of our world cultural heritage, and introduces the universal messages of fairy tales to current discussions.

MÄRCHENLAND inspires celebrities with a background related to politics, the economy or the media to get involved with cultural projects for children and adolescents throughout Germany.
No place in the world is stronger connected to fairy tales than Berlin. The home of the famous Brothers Grimm is also the place of MÄRCHENLAND – Deutsches Zentrum für Märchenkultur.


Fairy tales create community
Fairy tales are children’s first contact with literature. Adults remember them all their lives. Fairy tales leave one of the deepest and most lasting impressions a human being will experience in life. Nowadays, where the individual is mostly viewed as an isolated service provider, they show ways of how to create community and a sense of belonging.

Fairy tales are preventive
Fairy tales communicate ethical coordinates. Children and teenager, who were raised with fairy tales, learn to distinguish Good and Bad in an emotional and therefore meaningful way. They learn that every action has consequences. Therefore fairy tales convey and develop a sense of justice and responsibility. These are necessary values for the survival of a free government under the law and a democracy.

Fairy tales develop creativity
“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!” Phantasy is the basis for each creativity. Our future depends on it. Fairy tales will come to live exclusively with phantasy. At the same time they are the roots of each people. He who knows his roots can spread his wings of phantasy. This is our chance to give our children a world back, which continues to be taken away from them by globalization, financial worries and extensive media consumption.

Fairy tales lead to success
Fairy tales talk about the successful overcoming of resistance. Their essential messages are positive thinking in connection with entrepreneurial spirit and grounded-ness. These are identical with the values and key success factors of each free economic system. Integrity, strength of purpose and courage characterize the prototypical hero of all fairy tales. Therefore nothing seems to be more adequate to lead our children’s way into the future than fairy tales.


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Do you know this magical place? ...

… from where Märchenland is ruled?
On the banks of the Spree river stands the red sandstone Kurfürstenhaus (Prince-elector's House), erected in 1897 at the site of an older building, where Elector John Sigismund of Brandenburg died on December 23, 1619. As he believed a White Lady haunted the Stadtschloss (City Palace), he had fled to the home of his valet.



Silke Fischer, Director

MA Theater Studies and Latin American Studies
Free University of Berlin and Universidade Federal do Ceará in Brazil
Research project: “European Fairy tales and Brazilian children’s literature”

Monika Panse, CEO

MA German language and literature studies and Dutch studies
University of Warsaw and Humboldt University of Berlin
Research Project: Images of ugliness in the courtly epic of the German Middle Ages