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The world comes to Berlin


„From caravans, deserts and oases - fairy tales and stories from the Arab world“
5th. till 22. November 2015

What could be more wonderful than going on a journey with your fantasy? In November 2015 light desert sand will be blown and will gather on Berlin's curbstones, doorways of libraries, theatres and schools. A little desert fox with big ears and black cunning eyes will scurry around the corner. Caravans with camels, loaded with precious goods will come into the city.

They are arriving just on time for the 26th Fairy Tale Days of Berlin. They are bringing with them wise storytellers with exciting stories: dreams are coming true – we will be travelling to the Orient! On the flying carpet we will be landing into the world of fairy tales of the One Thousand and One Nights. Spellbound we will eavesdrop on Scheherazade, who, night by night, tells stories of her life. In the light of an oil lamp we will listen to ancient stories, passed on from generation to generation, which tell us about the wisdom of people from the Arab region. For hundreds of years, Europe has been fascinated by the Arab world and this is reflected in the fairy tales of romanticism. Berlin is the ideal place to celebrate this Fairy Tale Festival. As a city that is home to many cultures, we will present traditional and modern fairy tales. Our journey will take us through North Africa, moving further east until we reach the Arab peninsula.

Salem aleikum!