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The world comes to Berlin


„Once upon a time – fairy tales and stories from the United Kingdom“
6. till 23. November 2014

In a rough sea there is a beautiful island…

The “Union Jack” points us in the direction of a mythical world. The English lion, the Scottish unicorn and the Welsh fire dragon lead us through the cliffs, overgrown with moss, through the fog to King Arthur and his round Table. Footsteps of giants lure us towards the northern coast. Brave knights take to searching for the Holy Grail in this country. Wise Druids and high priestess are protecting very old secrets about fairies and magical herbs.

On the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare, Märchenland is presenting the 25th Berlin Fairy Tale Days with stories, fairy tales and legends from the United Kingdom.

England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and their rich treasure of stories and history form the pillars for the many fairy-tale-like events. Beside the worldly known Shakespeare’s dramas, we want to explore old tales anew and discover new ones. The main attraction will be the fairy tales from United Kingdom. Not only historical myths and old fairy tales, but also the fairy tale tellers of modern times, recalling the avengers of Robin Hood from Nottingham, who lived in the dense woods of the English Midlands. About Alice, who fell into a rabbit hole and found herself in Wonderland. About Peter Pan, who lives with a small fairy in Neverland. Additionally, one will be able to find out about the one and only wizardry school in Scotland in the European English-speaking realm, which produced such great young wizards such as, Hermine Granger, Ron Weasley und Harry Potter. One will be able to find out, if the writer, Enid Blyton, is right when saying there is a treasure hidden in a ship wreck in the south coast of England until this day.

On the occasion of the 300 year anniversary of the accession of Georg I to the throne, whose origins lie in Hannover, the patronage of the 25th Fairy Tales Days in Berlin will be taken over by the Mayor of Berlin and the British Ambassador.