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“In the long run only double power can help! (Super)heroines and (Super)heroes in action”

German speaking pupils in the 4th, 5th and 6th grade from all around the world are welcome to let their imagination run riot and write fairy tale-like adventurous ballades in German about the wonderful, brave, big and small, (Super)heroines and (Super)heroes.

Imagine what adventures and heroic deeds you could experience as Ronia, the Robber's Daughter &BirkBorkasohn, as Wonder Woman & Superman, as Hansel & Gretel, as Kai & Gerda or as Peter, Susan, Edmund& Lucy Pevensie! Have you ever dreamt of saving the world from a villain or of rescuing a treasure from the grips of the dark power? Or maybe you would prefer to reconciletwo feuding clans just like Ronia and Birk did? Of course you can also free an entire kingdom from an evil queen, as the four siblings from London did. But all these adventures could not have been passed by our heroines and heroes on their own - it was only possible together! Let your imagination run riotand write ballads about your magical deeds as (Super)heroines and (Super)heroes that master an adventure together.

If you don’t enjoy writing, you can also send a drawing suiting the theme of the competition.

On the occasion of the 27th BERLINER MÄRCHENTAGE (Berlin Fairy Tale Festival)"SLEEPING BEAUTY AWAKES…! GIRLS AND WOMEN IN FAIRY TALES AND STORIES”, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Germany as well as of Austria and Switzerland and the World Association of German schools abroad e.V.

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